"No child should die in the dawn of life"
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Count your smiles instead of tears, count your courage instead of fears.

Dear Fellow Runner and Friend,

Congratulations on having adopted running as your sport. Running regularly ensures not only a healthy body but also helps strengthen your mind and spirit.

Participating and finishing a 10km run or a 21km half marathon or a 42 km marathon gives us a sense of happiness and satisfaction which we often cannot describe. For many of us running becomes a spiritual experience , a way of discovering ourselves.

We, as runners, feel that it is imperative that we must give back to society something for this pleasure of running that has been bestowed upon us. We must use this gift for a higher purpose.

Swami Vivekananda said that: "the Highest truth is this: God is present in all beings.They are His multiple forms. There is no other God to seek...The first of all worships is the worship of those all around us...He alone serves all other beings"

In India, Cancer amongst Children is slowly assuming an important place as a major cause of childhood mortality. The Tata Memorial Hospital sees nearly 2,000 new patients (under the age of 18 years) every year. Almost 60% of these children need financial help. Very often the parents cannot afford the necessary treatment or delay starting the treatment whilst they collect money from various charitable organizations. This adversely affects the chance of the child being cured! The Tata Memorial Centre is a wonderful example of private philanthropy augmented by Government support with a mandate for Service, Education & Research in Cancer. Almost 70% of our patients are treated almost free-of-cost.

The Hospital projects a requirement of Rs 8 crores a year to ensure that all the children are treated irrespective of their economic status.

Mr Danny Thomas said that, "No Child should die in the dawn of Life". Let us, runners, make this a reality.

Join "The RuHI" group: "The Tata Memorial Centre-Runners of Hope Initiative" for the treatment of children with cancer by making a donation to this cause.

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